Michael Mooney

Michael Mooney, co-founder of SuperNutrition, passes away.

It is with great sadness we report that Michael Mooney passed away in his home in Portland, OR, on November 9th, 2019. This website will be kept alive and maintained by the family so that access to Michael’s years of research remains available to the public.

In 1977, Michael and Patrick co-founded SuperNutrition, a company that created the world’s first gluten-free multivitamins and the first science-based optimal potency multivitamins. They were on the forefront of political activism and helped pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994. SuperNutrition continued to be a pioneer in the supplement industry for decades until it was acquired by NOW Health Group in September 2019.

Over his time in the industry, Michael became a leader in nutritional science. He devoted five years of service as the Director of Research and Education for Program for Wellness Restoration, a nonprofit HIV/AIDS educational organization that focuses on a more natural approach to HIV/AIDS wellbeing that targets patients' nutrition, physical activity and hormonal intervention.

Michael also served eight terms as the Political Committee Chairperson or Co-Chairperson of the NORCAL chapter of Natural Products Association; in 1992, he co-founded the San Francisco branch of Citizens For Health to help pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Michael received the "Outstanding Health Freedom Activist Award" when the largest letter-writing campaign in history caused Congress to pass DSHEA.

Throughout his life, Michael worked tirelessly advocating for and researching the science of nutrition and age reversal. He brought his brilliance and passion to new frontiers, creating nutritional protocols that raised the standards of care for HIV, cancer cachexia and burn treatment. For these and other efforts to improve our understanding of holistic health, he earned recognition from esteemed colleagues and the gratitude of thousands of people whose lives he saved and helped regain health with his guidance.

Michael cofounded The Program for Wellness Restoration with Nelson Vergel; in 2000 they co-wrote the book, Built to Survive, a guide to a healthy approach of living with HIV.

In 2015 Michael received the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Hall of Legends at the Natural Products Expo given by the New Hope Network.

Michael is survived by his sisters, Kathy and Kim Mooney. We also want to acknowledge the passing shortly after Michael’s passing of Lark Lands, PhD. She and Michael collaborated for years to develop cutting-edge therapies for living with HIV, and Michael cared deeply for her. Bless them both for their hearts and their passion for service, and on their journeys.

Donations can be made on behalf of Michael to Program for Wellness Restoration – PoWer, an organization to improve health literacy and patient self-advocacy by providing patient-friendly educational information to HIV-positive people and their clinicians, or The Price-Pottenger Foundation, an organization dedicated to education on health and natural living.

Here is a video of Michael at the forefront of the battle for the Dietary Health and Supplement Act.

You can view a loving tribute to Michael's life in a memorial presentation created by his sisters, Kim and Kathy, with stories from others who loved him on Michael's Virtual Memorial Video Oct 2020.

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