Hello. I'm Michael Mooney. This website is an outlet for information that I want to share with others which does not fit into the missions of the two primary organizations I work with.

These organizations are SuperNutrition, my father's nutritional supplement company, where I am Director of Education, and Medibolics, an information outlet for Program For Wellness Restoration, a non-profit research and educational organization that provides details about hormonal, nutritional, and exercise therapies to improve well-being for people with HIV.

The information and opinions I present on this site are my own and are entirely independent of these other two organizations. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of the people I work with in these other two entities.

On this site you will find ideas and information that I hope will spark you to think more about things that are sometimes assumed to be true. I will be digging away at ideas to get to the truth. This is what I have a passion for.

If there is a misunderstanding about it, and the truth will help you be healthier, I will provide details to clear up the misunderstanding. (This is what is happening right now with concerns that people should not take Vitamin A because Vitamin A can be somewhat toxic at VERY HIGH doses. Most people SHOULD take Vitamin A as real retinol, and not rely on beta carotene for their Vitamin A needs.)

If it is real, and it is good for you and it is something you should consider using for your better living, I want you to know about it.

If it is a sham, or if its main purpose is to gain profit, with little regard for the integrity of the product or information delivered to you, I want you to know that to.

If you have questions, please send them to me.

I do not promise to review everything that I am asked about. I do however, promise to do my best at reviewing the things I find to be interesting myself. I only have so much time, so I will focus on things that I am curious about. These are the things I will share with you.

Michael Mooney