February, 2011

If I found out that I had cancer, I would immediately make an appointment with one of the doctors listed below. I suggest you look over their web sites.

Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., PhD.
I am told by some of the world's best nutritionally-oriented medical doctors and researchers that Dr. Burzynski is the doctor they would go to if they had cancer.

Nicholas Gonzales, M.D. Dr. Gonzales has a number of pancreatic cancer patients alive and healthy years after diagnosis. Typically, about 95 percent of people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within one year. His protocol can work for other types of cancer, too.

The Riordan Clinic. This group has done extensive work on nutrients used against cancer. Dr. Riordan, deceased, was a pioneer in this.

Jean Wallace, Ph.D.
I met a person that Jean consulted with who had inoperable brain cancer with a prognosis of dying within six months. Using Jeanne's protocol the tumors in her brain disappeared. When I met her, she had been free from cancer for eight years. I've had conversations with Jean and she is brillliant and compassionate about her work.

Note that no doctor that uses alternative/nutritional medicine can say they "cure" cancer without incurring the wrath of the American Medical Association. They can say cancer is "in remission." However, if the cancer is gone and all tumors are gone, we can call it cured.

Be well,
Michael Mooney

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