Public Health Care System For Everyone
I support the creation of a public health care system where all Americans are given easy access to health care as a fundamental right. This means access to health care that is equal to or better than what's currently enjoyed by Congress, the military and Medicare recipients.

However, what's really needed is a single payer health care system that's equal to OR BETTER THAN the best that's available in other civilized countries.

Cutting costs should include bringing drug costs down to reality, as is described in the linked article by Bill Fallon, of Life Extension Foundation.

Costs would also include emphasis on staying well and promoting a healthy lifestyle, not just fighting diseases.

Paying For The Public Option
I also support creating taxes that require wealthy people to pay more tax to pay for it. A small increase in taxes for those who make great amounts of money could help cover the costs, with everyone paying something from our taxes to cover our share.

Any health care system that does not take care of all citizens, considering the tremendous wealth we have, I consider to be grossly inadequate and immoral.

Any questions about such a system can be answered by going to the website of HEALTHCARE-NOW!

Michael Mooney