Prolozone Therapy Grows New Cartilage

By Michael Mooney/ November, 2012

An inexpensive medical miracle created by a genius functional medicine doctor can save people the expense and pain of having knee replacements and other such operations.

Prolozone Therapy, invented by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, actually grows new cartilage, ligament and tendon tissue, which can permanently stop pain.

After watching my father's wife live with nearly bone-on-bone knees for years, she is walking normally and pain-free after having a series of Prolozone injections.

Her experience convinced me to try Prolozone for my knees which had much less pain and less cartilage loss than hers.

Prolozone combines injections of Prolotherapy, with ozone into the damaged area. The ozone radically increases fibroblastic growth factor repairing abilities in the area where it is injected.

This means that it grows new tissue.

Cartilage, ligaments and tendons don't heal well, especially as we get older, because, unlike muscle and most tissues in the body, cartilage, ligaments and tendons don't have blood running through them.

But what is the magic healing element that blood delivers?

Well, it's oxygen. We breath oxygen as "O2," two oxygen molecules bound together.

Prolozone Therapy combines nutrients that help the tissue heal, like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B12, with ozone (O3), which is three oxygen molecules bound together.

When the ozone is injected into the compromised area it naturally releases the third "O."

The "O" that is released radically increases growth factor activity where it is injected.

I don't say this without third party verification.

My knee doctor, who was quite skeptical, confirmed with comparative MRI's that after Prolozone injections my right knee appears to have more cartilage in the area where cartilage had eroded. (I did not have a previous MRI of my left knee to compare.)

And knees aren't the only bodypart that Prolozone can heal.

Ligaments, cartilage and even broken bones can heal faster when Prolozone is injected in the area.

It may take several injections to fully heal an area and there are people for whom Prolozone won't do enough, people who require surgery.

The protocol requires that one waits ten days or more after a Prolozone injection to let the healing and growth happen before having another injection.

My right knee required three injections, spread over a month. My shoulder required just one.

My left knee has had four injections, and now about four months later I think it will require just one more to fully healed and become completely pain-free.

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Also important, it's not expensive.

When a friend said that he knew someone who had stem cell injections to heal his knee, the cost was several thousand dollars.

Prolozone doctors charge from $150 to $300 per session and some charge extra for more than one injection.

The doctor I saw charged me $150 per Prolozone injection, whether he gave me one injection or several injections in different sites.

He is Dr. Joseph Chun, 3030 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles. Phone: (213) 480-1475.

To find a doctor in your area who performs Prolozone go to:

To your health,

Michael Mooney

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