Dr. Mercola Uses Exaggerated Negative Sales Again

Dr. Mercola is shameless in his sales techniques. In this video he brings in an "expert" to defame the fish oil industry so he can sell his product to you. The expert says some of the most exaggerated negative things for Mercola.

There are dozens of quality fish oil products found on health food stores shelves, and even Costco. Mercola tries to make it seem like they are almost all terrible. "It's a crap shoot." "Avoid them like the plague."

Again, Mercola exaggerates.

Almost all fish oil products sold in health food stores are molecularly distilled, which cleans them of metals and toxins. Every fish oil product sold in stores like Whole Foods Market is clean.

Even mass market products, like fish oil from Costco are clean.

The Environmental Defense Fund has a list of products with a purity rating for each. The majority of products meet stringent specifications for purity.

Mercola is again fudging to sell his over-priced products. Shame on you, Dr. Mercola!

Michael Mooney