Legalize Marijuana

Dear Friends,
I absolutely agree with this article calling for tossing out laws governing marijuana as an illegal drug and releasing all prisoners who went to jail because of marijuana possession. Save money spent on enforcement and imprisonment and then tax marijuana sales and reduce the budget problems in California and the USA.

Consumer Reports/Consumers Union also agrees with this article.

Read the Consumers Union publication written in 1974 called Licit and Illicit Drugs where the same non-profit organization that tests lawn mowers, automobiles and kitchen utensils tells us exactly how illogical it is to operate a country wasting billions of dollars prosecuting people who use marijuana. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, and recent studies confirm that the THC in marijuana is strongly anti-cancer, so those who use marijuana experience less head and neck cancers.

Any public official or law enforcement official who contributes to this madness should held to accountability. It’s a voting issue to me.

As a person who has gone through painful injuries, I confirm that marijuana is a better choice in some ways than addictive narcotic painkillers, like Vicodin.

Michael Mooney