Do We All Need To Take Multivitamin/Multi-Mineral Supplements?

Studies of foraging diets, the caveman diet, and evolutionary studies give good reason to supplement our diets with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

As the following table shows, unless you've done comprehensive nutrient analysis that tells you what you are deficient in, more than likely you are deficient in several nutrients and don't know it.

Essential nutrient deficiencies allow the premature, unnecessary or accelerated loss of cell health and cell life that defines aging.



Data Derived From USDA Community Nutrition Mapping Project CNMap

This is the prime reason to take a strong multivitamin, multimineral supplement, which usually takes a total of about six tablets per day, because it takes this many tablets to give you the full recommended amounts of all the vitamins and calcium, magnesium and the other minerals, too.

Michael Mooney