Focus On DMSO - Stops Pain, Swelling And Inflammation

By Michael Mooney, November, 2009
Updated April, 2017

DMSO amazed me - and my foot surgeon - by healing my torn Achilles tendon (~30% tear) and three torn ligaments (anterior talofibular, calcanealfibular and posterior talofibular ligaments) that stabilize the foot, without any other medical intervention.

I was going to have surgery to fix these injuries, but I didn't need to.

I couldn't have the surgery for four months because of my work travel schedule, so I consistently rubbed DMSO on the areas to reduce pain two or three times a day over the four months. I didn't know that DMSO would heal the injuries.

My foot surgeon had never seen - or heard of - a torn Achilles tendon heal without the foot being immobilized in a boot and all weight taken off of it by using a crutch. He had also never seen ligaments heal the way mine did without immobilization.

He confirmed by MRI analysis that the Achilles was "rock solid" and the ligaments were fully functional, and said I could quote him, even though he said, "It's considered to be medically impossible."

My physical therapist (PT) also was amazed at what happened. He also said that my Achilles tendon was "rock solid."

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60 Minutes did THREE shows on DMSO because it was considered to be one of the three major medical miracle discoveries of the Twentieth Century, equal to antibiotics.

A friend with knuckles so swollen by rheumatoid arthritis that she couldn't get her wedding ring of her finger for two years found that twice daily applications of DMSO to her knuckles allowed the ring to slide off her finger easily after only 10 days.

DMSO Stops Pain - Migraines and More
Two friends who get migraine headaches found that when they rubbed DMSO on the area where their head hurts, the migraine would disappear within about five minutes.

More recently, a friend who suffers sinus headaches found that rubbing 90% DMSO gel (available from DMSO.COM as "Gel large 16oz/454g") stopped her headache and continued to whenever she started to get one.

She consistently carries a small jar of DMSO gel in her purse. However, the small jar is a mixture of DMSO (70%) and Aloe vera (30%), that is available from at, Product #16.

The soothing effect of Aloe vera complements the DMSO well, by reducing the itchy-hot feeling.

As well, DMSO stopped the pain she experiences from carpal tunnel syndrome. Needless to say, she is consistent with her use of DMSO.

Nothing else does what it does.

DMSO is anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-swelling.dmso

Drinking DMSO or Applying It
On another note, after reading DMSO: Nature's Healer by Dr. Morton Walker about how people with rheumatoid arthritis are treated by DMSO doctors in Oregon and sent home to drink a little DMSO every day, and apply it topically to the area of concern.

After careful review, I began to drink one teaspoon of DMSO in a half cup of orange juice when there is something painful or inflammatory going on in my body.

The liquid is available from DMSO.COM and DMSO.NET, both sell 16 ounce bottles of 99% pure DMSO liquid.

Drinking a little bit of daily DMSO over the long-term seems like it can reduce aches and pains and arthritic joint problems.

DMSO has an aroma that's a cross between oysters and garlic and I don't want to smell like DMSO all the time, so I reserve its use somewhat. (DMSO tastes terrible by itself, so it must be diluted with something with flavor, like a half cup of orange juice.)

The first thing I noticed after I started to drink DMSO occassionally was the clearing up of an odd problem I was having with small pimple-like irritations (inflammations) on the back of my head. I'd have one to five of them appear occasionally. I tried everything from antibiotic cleansers to white vinegar to Listerine to control them with some success, but rarely did I get rid of them entirely. My dermatologist cultured them and found nothing unusual and admitted to me that he had the same problem for a few years without being able to find a solution.

Drinking a half cup of orange juice with a teaspoon of DMSO in it once a day cleared them up entirely within a few days. DMSO has strong anti-inflammatory properties as well as being anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Maybe that's why drinking DMSO cleared them up.

When I had shoulder surgery I found that drinking DMSO reduced the swelling in my arm and shoulder that occurs after shoulder surgery for about six hours after drinking it.

When I first used it I didn't know that DMSO gel was available. When it healed my Achilles and the three ligaments. I applied the 99% liquid with a cotton swab. Now I use a DMSO gel, most often the 70/30 DMSO/Aloe vera gel, because it is milder than the 90% gel.

The core of aging is inflammation that causes physical degeneration, so I don't think it's going too far out on a limb to hypothesize that DMSO might be an anti-aging molecule, too. I do think it has anti-aging effects and this is one other reason that I drink it occasionally.

A small amount, like a teaspoon a day is all that's required for anti-inflammatory effects.

Only apply DMSO to clean skin with clean hands.

Do not apply it over a tattoo, as DMSO is a selective solvent that dissolves some things easily. Tattoo ink might be dissolved and carried into circulation, which could be dangerous. I've applied or consumed DMSO hundreds of times and have never experienced a problem, as have many others.

In the book DMSO: Nature's Healer it is documented that DMSO is 1/7th as toxic as aspirin, so it is relatively safe.

When DMSO is applied to skin it causes a hot, itchy feeling as it absorbs over about 15 to 30 minutes. This is normal. Some people find it too hot and itchy to use, but I use it regularly and have for many years now.

I am told that mixing some pure urea with the DMSO stops the itchy-hot feeling. This site sells cosmetic-grade pure (99.8%) urea. A patent describes mixing DMSO with urea to reduce this feeling. Even a small amount of urea, such as 1/9th as much urea as DMSO, is said to help reduce the undesirable side-effects, while urea also improves the absorption of DMSO.

DMSO also dries skin where it is applied. When I tore my Achilles tendon and foot ligaments I was applying DMSO 2 or 3 times a day for four months. The skin became very dry, but my skin has always reverted to being healthy after discontinuing DMSO, even after applying it for weeks.

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