Bio-Cellular Analysis "What This Important Test Can Do For You!"

That's the headline selling this spit and urine test on the Health Freedom Alliance web site. So I bought one and did the tests, as I am always investigating new things related to health.

The results came back and were kind of a mish-mash of concepts that didn't fully add up, based on what I know about myself from doing several comprehensive blood tests a year. I do tests these to see if the supplements I am taking are working. Some of what it said were true, some were not so solidly based and could be thought of as sketchy.

The Bio-Cellular Analysis test results then gave me recommendations for supplements to take to fix the problems it said I had. The problem is I am already taking all of them, except one, and the doses I am taking are more optimal than the test recommended.

So, all in all, the test and its recommendations seemed almost nonsensicle and worthless, at least to me.

I posted a comment detailing this on the Health Freedom Alliance web site page that promotes Bio-Cellular analysis. Apparently, what I said might hurt the profits this site gains by selling this test. The only comments give the test five stars.

My comment appeared, but the next day someone from the site had edited it so that it basically said nothing. They neutralized my real statement and while the edited version didn't really promote Bio-Cellular analysis, it didn't tell people what I truly believed, so it appeared that Michael Mooney had used the test and it was ok.

This is just about as bad as you can get as far as this journalist is concerned - editing what I said so that it seemed like what I said validated the product.

I posted a reply to the edited comment saying that it had been edited and that I was disappointed that a health freedom site would not allow my true comment to appear, asking if they had a financial interest in Bio-Celllular Analysis.

I also emailed the contact for the site and received no answer. I emailed again about a week later and received an email that expressed surprise at what I said. But at the same time my original post and my second post disappeared.

I also note that when I clicked the seal at the bottom of the page on the left, from, which is supposed to be some kind of verification of credibility, it said, "Unable to Verify Merchant"

I'm not sure who is running things at Health Freedom Alliance but they have no credibility with this researcher/writer, and the only thing that matters in this world is credibility.

Michael Mooney