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These organizations are SuperNutrition, my family's nutritional supplement company, where I am the Senior Science Advisor, and Medibolics, an information outlet for PoWeR (Program For Wellness Restoration), where I donated five years time as Director of Research and Education.

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To be clear, I am a researcher, journalist and reporter. I am not a doctor or medical practitioner and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. I have good long-term relationships with practitioners that I hold in high regard because they work with their patients selflessly for the good of their patients.

I am fortunate to be able to converse with them when reading published literature is not enough. This is when I need to hear the experience of a medical practioner that works with many patients on a regular basis. Their insights are invaluable and contribute greatly to what I report to you.

On this site you will find ideas and information that I hope will spark you to think more about things that are sometimes assumed to be true. I will be digging away at some commonly assumed notions and assumptions to get to the truth. This is what I have a passion for. I put this page up mostly because there are many confusing "myths" propogating the "health-food news." This makes it difficult to have a clear understanding and do the best things for one's own health. These include issues such as, "If I eat saturated fat, like butter, will my cholesterol go up? Is fat "bad for me?" "Does eating wheat cause a bulging "wheat belly?"

A big problem in the United States is that while American medical doctors are thought of as the go-to source for health information, respectfully, my doctor friends tell me that they receive so little education about the nutritional foundation of health in medical school that they, themselves are confused about basic nutritional health issues. Yet people are told to "ask their doctor" when they have a health question about nutrition.

If there is a misunderstanding about a subject, and the truth will help you be healthier, I will provide details that I hope will help clear up misunderstandings. I will name the names of people and products when I review an issue or recommend a product.

Beta Carotene Is Not Vitamin A (Retinol) And Cannot Substitute For It
For instance, articles in newspapers, such as the New York Times, and incorrect statements made by well-meaning people who are expected to be nutritional experts, like Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Joseph Mercola, have raised unjustified concerns about vitamin A (as retinol) in supplements as being "toxic."

Additionally, highly accomplished "experts," such as "Health Ranger" Mike Adams, have supported the superiority (and sales) of "whole-food" vitamins, which typically only contain beta carotene, without true retinol vitamin A. Several large vendors of "whole-foods" vitamins promote this concept, too.

Vitamin A (retinol, not beta carotene) is an essential nutrient, which means that you must have it for normal health and well-being and even to stay alive. Vitamin A is critical for the health of the eyes, lungs, bones, skin, cardiovascular and immune systems and healthy pregnancy.

Some other well-known sources of information began to say that people should not take vitamin A because vitamin A can be toxic. One of the largest and most influential vitamin manufacturers sold in health food stores, New Chapter® put "Retinol-Free," on the front panels of their multivitamins for several years, as if retinol was "bad," further promoting this incorrect information.

Because of this controversy numerous multivitamin manufacturers removed true retinol vitamin A from their multivitamins in about 2008, leaving only beta carotene, as a source of vitamin A.

However, this is a serious misunderstanding, as there are no multivitamins sold in the USA that contain doses of vitamin A (retinol) that are potentially toxic.

Further, several studies show that adequate amounts of vitamin A protect us from vitamin D toxicity and vice versa. It appears that vitamins A and D require each other for both nutrients' healthy, non-toxic function.

They, therefore, began recommending that people take beta carotene, a precursor to vitamin A instead of retinol, which can cause serious vitamin A deficiencies for a significant number of people.

A critical look at the science confirms that beta carotene does not absorb or convert into vitamin A in the body adequately for most people, therefore beta carotene cannot be relied on to substitute for vitamin A.

In fact, a gene study, published in 2009, found that a significant number of people are genetically incapable of metabolizing beta carotene and turning it into vitamin A in their bodies adequately.

If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, lungs, bones, skin, cardiovascular and immune systems or you are pregnant and want to deliver a healthy full-term baby you should take supplemental true vitamin A, as retinol, and not rely on beta carotene for your vitamin A needs or you place yourself and your baby at risk of a vitamin A deficiency, which can result in long-term problems with vision, skin, bone, cardiovascular health, immune strength and numerous other health problems.

To underline it, this is an especially serious problem for pregnant women.

Vitamin A (Retinol) Deficiency Causes Preterm Birth
For instance, one study showed a 74 percent increased chance of preterm delivery and an 82% increased risk of anemia when a woman is deficient in retinol vitamin A during pregnancy.

USP Nutrient Misunderstandings
A misunderstanding generated by negative sales tactics from "whole-food-type" vitamin marketers is to say that isolated USP (United States Pharmacopeia)-type vitamins are toxic or that the body doesn't recognize them, because they are "synthetic," a word that is generally misunderstood by the public. Click here to read the Whole Foods Magazine article which I wrote to clarify the facts about this.

The body naturally synthesizes molecules, energy and even some nutrients billions of times a second, about 10 trillion times a day.

There is nothing wrong with synthesis.

It is what you synthesize that can either be a perfect replica of a nutrient found in food that duplicates the activity of the same health-supporting nutrient in food or it can be something that never occurred in nature, like most drugs, which inherently cause side-effects, because they are not natural to the human body.

Synthesis, of itself, is just a process and the synthesis of vitamins often mimics the processes that plants and animals perform to biosynthesize their own nutrients.

Again, please read my article in Whole Foods Magazine that provides details about this.
IHowever, a campaign of confusion about synthesis has been created by "whole-food" multivitamin manufacturers,whose products deliver small (low cost) doses of vitamins and minerals that all available published studies show to be too low to provide optimal health benefits. Further, these forms of vitamins are isolated from foods in a laboratory and require an equivalent amount of laboratory activity. They are no better or worse than USP nutrients. The main issues remains to be that optimal potencies are provided and the cost to provide them.

Buying "whole-food" vitamins is equivalent to paying over $250 a pound for isolated vitamins and mineral derived from "organic whole foods" that are put in tablets with potencies of vitamins and minerals that are too low, according to published studies, to be optimally effective.

Since nutrient potency determines effectiveness, doesn't it seem to be more prudent to buy and eat organic produce and then supplement potential nutrient deficiences with optimal potencies of USP nutrients that are proven in over 30,000 published studies to deliver optimal effects?

Iron: The Number One Nutrient Deficiency in Older Age
There has been another misunderstanding about iron with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Andrew Weil telling us that we shouldn't take iron, saying that it is "toxic."

Iron of itself is not toxic. Iron is an essential nutrient, required for life and health. Reading published medical journal studies confirms that the potential for iron toxicity is exaggerated.

The very conservative National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine says that iron has a No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of 65 mg a day. This means that their analysis of all published data for the last 60+ years shows that normally healthy adults can take 65 mg (and lower amounts) of iron a day without toxic effects.

A significant number of men and post-menopausal women should consider taking supplements that contain iron, as low iron status has been shown in post-menopausal women to reduce immune strength by about half. In fact, iron deficiency is associated with more deaths from heart attack and hair loss for males and females.

Furthermore, some data indicate that getting 20 mg a day or more of dietary iron is associated with better bone density in postmenopausal women and a potential reduced risk of colorectal cancer.

In general, post-menopausal woman (and men) may need iron supplementation.

For best long-term health, one should ask their doctor for a "ferritin" blood test to find out if you do or do not need to take supplemental iron, rather than going by a blanket "don't take iron" recommendation that may not apply to you.

If it is real, and it is good for you and it is something you should consider using for your better health, I want you to know about it. If its main purpose is to gain profit, with little regard for the integrity of the product or information delivered to you, I want you to know that, too. I want you to understand what is best for you.

Michael Mooney

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